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Aim of the Project

The Siren aims to bring a new kind of opera to a new audience. 

Set across six episodes of varying length and performance platforms, The Siren challenges what opera is, and invites a new kind of audience to experience new music. 

Episode 1 kickstarts the project with a traditional theatrical experience. From there, the audience is taken on an immersive theatre experience in Episode 2. These two live episodes will be filmed and available to watch on the 'Episodes' tab of this website. The last scene of Episode 2 is a short film. This leads the way for Episodes 3-6, which focus on different media. 

Episode 3 is a short film, and Episode 4 is a series of three video games interspersed with short films. Episode 5 is another short film, and the final episode, Episode 6, is a slightly longer film. 

The objective of this multimedia approach is to allow a wide audience to watch and enjoy an experience that is often reserved for a small and particular audience. 

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